About us

Since 1973 we are known for trendy fashion, vitality and unique eyewear design.

Although production techniques have steadily improved,  our very personal atmosphere remained at the companys headquarter - a charmy building in a beautiful region next to the popular Black Forest.

All began in a time of strong social changes in the 70's. The fashion was colorful, funky and bold. Because of a personal break, Marion Ramm, the founder of the company, decided in the early 70´s, to focus on sunglasses and fashion accessories. On the basis of their experiences in the fashion industry and the keen sense of fashion eyewear, in 1973 they decided to hire the current headquarter. Together with her 24-years-old daughter "Anneke Ramm", today's director of the company, she launched the successful story.

The women focused on fancy and extravagant fashion eyewear. Fashion boutiques and perfumeries became the first customers for the exceptional sunglasses from the company "Marion Ramm".

After getting more and more contacts and visiting optical fairs, the "wild & more courageous" opticians became their first "optical"- costumers. At this time the first "fans" entitled the sunglasses from Marion Ramm as very edgy, new and unique. Marion and Anneke Ramm often went to Oyonnax, in this time, the most important center for the French eyewear-production. Even Paris and Nice were traveled. At a fashion show in Nice, Marion Ramm discovered the young design talent "Alain Mikli". Thrilled by his eyewear creations, she decided to offer his spectacles in Germany. The first step, which was followed by a great and successful story of Alain Mikli.

In the end of the 70´s, the first metal sunglasses with rhinestones on the lenses were sold. A unbelievable demand and succes, made them to a milestone of the company's history.

In 1977 the family business extended: the son of Marion,
"Claus Peter Ramm" started to work in the company and they founf the Ltd. He was responsible for commercial part and his sister and mother continued with the purchase and cerating new collections for the company. The family business gained and Marion Ramm started with the first optical frames in their collection. The activity toward the optical industry continued, but also interesting special projects, such as for BMW with appropriate cabriolet leather caps for a new sports car model and matching fashionable and sporty sunglasses belong to the business...

In the 80´s, he awareness for frames changed it´s point of view. Sunglasses always were a fashion article, but at this time also optical frames became a trendy and fashionable accessory. Away from the pure visual aid toward personality, individuality and fashion sense. This changement was always shaped and lived by Marion Ramm with lots of sense and passion for the right combination of colors, patterns, designs and shapes. Revising drafts, improving and adaping details, changements in of millimeters and then there arises a really different model. A Marion Ramm frame is always created with a lot of sensitivity and this has a positive effect. The magasin
"04/2013 Markt Intern" confirmed the good sense for designs and a wrote about Marion Ramm´s leading position in the quantity of anual turnovers. The collections always represent vitality with an individual touch. They include frames, sunglasses and children's sunglasses in many exciting color combinations, as well as a modern interpretations of classic.

Marion Ramm had always the opinion that the success of a company is not only the product itselves, but the team behind the company. Today, about 25 people work in the company and we enjoy the very long collaboration with many of them. Some of the employees and representatives work already over 30 years, many others about ten and twenty years at Marion Ramm. The experience about 40 years and the reliability of each other and the personal atmosphere are the basis for the companys success. Always focusing a friendly, fast and customer-oriented service. Of course, modern systems are in use and we have a nice homepage, scan systems, and an onlineshop for opticians, but you´ll never think that the people will be displaced by the technique.

Marion Ramm is proud of it´s autonomy and about the growing national and  international popularity of the collections. In times of anonymous investment companies, we are glad, that we are a company which has been established by their personalities, as a likeable rock in the stormy market of the optics.

For the brother and sister Anneke and Claus Peter Ramm it´s important that also in the future the company Marion Ramm holds their individuality, personality and uniqueness. Therefor the first steps have already been made.